Final Meeting–Virtual style!!!

Our final meeting, that was to take place in Vigo at the end of March, had to be altered because of the special circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic worlwide. We feel deeply for those who have struggled in these uncertain times, and our sympathies go especially to our Italian partners.

But since the project was coming to its end and there was still some work to be done, we organised a final virtual meeting using the Cisco Webex app, which was not nearly as good as seeing our partners in the flesh, but it helped us to finalise some decisions and vote for the ideas to be introduced in our Decalogue of Good practices, that will be included as the final part of our manual.

As all virtual things go, the meeting was a bit strange at first, but we managed to make ir work with a lot of humour and European cooperation.

It feels very sad to finish this project, that has given us incredibly helpful insight on adult motivation, but all good things come to an end, don’t they? We will meet you in our next project! 馃檪

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