Third meeting in Krakow: metaphor, experiential learning and a lot of fun!

The third transnational meeting was held under the ShInRe project by the Addenda Foundation in Krakow, Poland. It took place in the historical centre of the city, giving the participants a chance to soak up the unique atmosphere of Krakow and become familiar with the architecture of one of the city’s most renown tenement buildings, normally unavailable to regular visitors.

The meeting was largely devoted to discussing various learning models with a goal to deepen our understanding and identify potential motivation problems among adult learners, hoping that our joint efforts will help to find possible solutions and crate guidelines for a more in-depth analysis of the issue.

Among other things, the participants of the meeting had the opportunity to take part in the Experiential Learning Model training course and become familiar with the innovative use of metaphors in educational activities designed for adults. In order to demonstrate the concept of metaphor in a practical context, a philosophical discussion and history lesson was organized in the Wawel Royal Castle. The visit to the castle was also an excellent chance for our guests to get acquainted with the form of educational classes often organized by our organization.

An important part of the meeting involved discussing organizational matters and planning new activities as part of the further implementation and improvement of our project. Wa also spent time discussing the shape and content of the textbook, in which all tested learning methods and educational materials will be presented and thoroughly analyzed.


Back to school, back to our project

This year at the EOI Vigo we are lucky enough to welcome int our school’s Internationalisation and European projects team new colleagues, who will help us in the piloting and implementation of the project activities. Good news are that we are adding up a member from the German department, a new language to work with! Welcome onboard, Marta, Elena and Santi

In Italy, our partners are very busy with the beginning of the academic year, and in Poland they are busy as bees preparing for our incoming visit to Krakow. We expect to have a very exciting time in two weeks’ time learning some more about adult motivation!