Summer is here….

yet we won’t stop working… September is already round the corner and we have our third project meeting and training in Krakow, an experience to which we are all looking forward!

In the meantime, we are already drafting some ideas to pilot with our students the next academic year derived from what we learned in Rome… Here are some of the results we expect to achieve when we use the the autobiograpichal method in class….

Rome Meeting! Second chance to meet our partners

On 6th of May afternoon, first day of the ShInRe II meeting, the group met at UNIEDA  headquarter. UNIEDA office is hosted by one of the main associated, UPTER, People’s University of Rome. So the group could visit also the office and the classroom of Upter, in order to know better this important Adult Education provider, and in this way to improve their knowledge about Adult Education in Italy.

At h. 20:00 all the participants took part to a welcome dinner.

Tuesday 07th – The second day started with a dance lesson by one the UNIEDA teachers, Simonetta Montecchi, that is also part of the staff of this project. After the lesson the participants could share reflections and experiences about the following issues:

  • how to motivate adult learners in physical activities (dance, tai chi, etc.);
  • how movement and physical activities, can be used in any kind of teaching activity to motivate the learners.

After the coffee break the working group shared the results of the questionnaire., and discussed about the collection of good practice.

Wednesday 08th – The third day saw the presentation of the results of the Memory XL and InMete project, by Manuela Gazzano and Andrea Ciantar. Those previous projects have inspired the present project, and for this reason was important to share their results and methods.

At the end of the day the group could participate to a lesson about “Melodramma”, by Tito Schipa.

Thursday 09th – At the beginning of the fourth day the group met at the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, in order to participate to a “Outdoor Art History Lesson”, with Pina Micheli.

After lunch a further activity was a workshop based on Autobiographical Method, whre the group could have an experience of some educationa paths based on this methodology, and aimed to enhance motivation in adult learners.

Friday 10th – The last meeting day was focused on the sum-up of decisions made, on the planning of the next actions, and the evaluation of the meeting.