How it all began….

Our project was born out of an Erasmus+ Transnational cooperation activity targeted at institutions for adult learners in Dublin. It was the autumn of 2018 and we all felt passionate about exploring different ways in which to motivate our students.
After five days of much talk and discussion, as well as getting acquainted with the nuances of the KA2 call, we finally had a strong idea of what we wanted to do-…..or so we thought! We were so naive… 🙂
Once the different members went back home to our institutions, we began the difficult part: trying to involve colleagues wasn’t complicated, but putting together than application that was competitive proved to be quite a challenge. Long story short, we made it and here we are, ready to spread the word on motivational techniques for adult learners that may not  be necessarily new, but at least, explored in a creative way to maximise their potential!

Here we have a picture of our first poster, created by two of the participating institutions with the help of two members that couldn’t finally fully commit to our project.